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Morden Jassos Crookbond (First Comic of Crokbond)

Crookbond was a characterof Manoj Comics, a popular comics company of India. He was given this name to resemble James Bond, and called hismelf "The Chela of James Bond". Unlike James Bond, this Indian Bond was very humorous during his missions. Crookbond was one of the early popular heroes in Manoj Comics.

His missions were usually about saving the world from some wicked scientist or bringing back secret documents from villain before they reached enemy nation. Other stories involved detecting a crime or chasing a criminal gang and helping people.
Crookbond was mostly accompanied by his cousin Motu who used to call himself "Chela of Crookbond".
His fat father was a police inspector and his mother a housewife who loved Crookbond like anything. Father was not very happy with Croockbond because of his daily routine.
Crookbond looks very lean and thin, but using his agility and wisdom he was successful in his missions. He was a scientist and good at makeups as well. He carried some of his strange inventions with him during his mission. Most interesting was be his car (named "Super Car"), which had wonderful capabilities. He had a pet dog (Manmauji) that accompanied him in some of his missions.

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