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ucweb 7.2 browser final english (java s40 phone)


The chinese ucweb browser 7.2 has been released recently and all the ucweb lovers are waiting for the english guys the wait is over. the new ucweb has some new cool features that are as follows.


New features
* Choose your favorite skin
Offers a variety of themes free download, styles, highlights the fact that personality
Registered Users only need to enter the user center or click Menu>Setup>Themes>Themes To the download page, you can preview the latest theme, the theme click on the "Download" and install you can put on your favorite topics.
* Web site uploading
Execution"Upload attachment operation"When the session can be uploaded directly from the network, not only can get a faster speed, but without the traffic generated by billing.
* Save pages to a local
By Menu>File>Save page Current browse page saved to the phone locally.
"Upload photos"
Implementation "From Annex"Operation, you can choose Upload photos, Call the mobile phone camera, photos will be added directly after the completion of the annex. Contribute a better translation
Mouse-type mode of operation
By Menu>Setup>Mode of operation Activate the mouse mode, use the virtual pointer to select the content. Pressing the button, the pointer move faster.
Default keyboard shortcuts
[0] Home
[1] Shortcut menu
[2] Move the cursor
[3] Switching window
[4] Page Up
[5] Confirm
[6] Page Down
[7] Retreat
[8] Cursor down
[9] Advance
[#] Key combination
※ can Menu>Setup>Shortcuts Set to change the default value.
System Settings
Page Size: A large page is divided into several consecutive pages.

Picture quality: Page picture of the display control is recommended to use default values.

Scrollbar settings: Set the width of the scroll bar on the right page, set the entry into force after the restart the software.

Full Screen: Hide the top title bar, the bottom of the menu bar, the maximum visual range. If your phone supports touch screen operation, it will keep the bottom of the menu bar.

Zoom mode: Use miniature map displayed page.

Folding mode: Similar to the page content navigation folding and beautify the page showed the need to collapse when click on the icon (blue "+" sign) can expand the content.

Browser identification (UA): Software logo, default values can be. If the network connection is normal, but suddenly can not network the software, you can try to change the value.

Download section: Recommended default value, value set is too large may cause abnormal download.

Shadow link: Sony Ericsson mobile phone network to improve efficiency, avoid "black and white" appears.

WAP compression transit: Enable this feature, can further reduce the WAP page, but access to some sites may appear "ip restrictions" prompt.

URL input intelligent match: The input to suggest URL prefix, suffix means completion URL, and associated access history, bookmarks, indicating a possible site to enter a more simple and efficient..

downlaod here


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