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ucweb 7 browser english released


God news to all ucweb lover the new ucweb 7 english version has been released..this time they have released the version in english and russian language with three different plateform..

What's new in UC Browser 7.0
•        Optimized layout to provide more comfortable visual effect.
•        Fancier UI experience
•        More scientific menu arrangement
•        Considerate Help Contents to help you understand your UC Browser.
•        Rotate your screen as you like
•        Support Flash 6 play online (only available on Symbian v3&v5, PPC 2005)
•        Send downloaded files and bookmarks by bluetooth(Symbian)
•        New function Cursor Mode and Zoom Mode help revive the PC effect. (Java)
•        Bookmarks Top and Bottom function (Java)
•        Click Dial key to enter Quick Visit, set sites mostly visited here.(Symbian)

download java version
         jar file

 for other version like windows,symbian visit
 pc download
 wap download


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