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Reasons for ban from adsense

 If you run a site or surf internet you would probably heard of adsense. Its a company own by google which publishes ads in your site. Every publisher dreams of having adsense account.As you may aware that it pays good but on the other hand it bans you very easily. so to avoid banning youself from adsense follow these simple rules.

1. The clicker's IP address matches the one on your adsense account.
It's a no-brainer. Don't click on your own ads.

2. Suspiciously high CTR
According to a report I read, anything above 10% will be flagged, but 6% or 7% would probably be a safer limit.

3. Clicker's IP addresses come from the same geographical area
This is for those who think they can get away with clicking on their ads from their friends computer, their grandma's computer, and their neighbor's computer. This will raise the red flag on your account, however if the site specific to a region, say a current events website - almost all clicks would be coming from the same region.

4. Cookies
Most users don't use the same IP address everytime they login. That's why google stores the IP addresses related to a particular user in a cookie. If you thought using a proxy clicker bot was gonna make you an adsense millionnaire, don't quit your day job.

5. Short-stay pattern
Usually, visitors on your site take a few seconds to check out your content, and then maybe they'll click on your links. Google doesn't like it the other way around, i.e. if they only stay a few seconds just to click on links.

6. One-site pattern
Google compares different users' activities on different sites. It will ask: why is this user clicking on ads on site X and not on any other site?

7. Direct-access pattern
Google doesn't like it when one category of users clicks on your ads more than another. In particular, they don't like it when users who access your site directly (i.e. no referrer) click on your ads but no one else does. So much for click exchange forums.

8. Big Brother
Google doesn't just own adsense. They also own gmail, google earth, and a host of other applications. They WILL track your IP accross these applications so don't think that just because you don't use an IP to login to adsense you can use it to click on your ads.

9. The invisible website
If your website doesn't rank highly on google's search engine, they may get suspicious if you get an insane amount of traffic and clicks. The traffic won't get you banned, but all those clicks better be legit.

10. Begging the click
Don't write stuff like please visit our sponsors on your webpage. You have to be a moron to think that Google can own a search engine and not find out about this sort of thing.

11. Conversions
Conversions are tracked by the adwords owner placing a code on whatever page they consider to be a conversion. Most often its a thank you page for the completion of an order or sale, leads, or view of a key page.Google has some strong detection methods but they don't have magic powers. The reps at Google are less than forthcoming but the last three I have spoken too have all pretty much said that the majority of people they cancel are being just stupid, clicking their own ads and trying to disguise them as being part of the site.


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