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Free raj eComics a day

Raj comics one again  come up with a new innovation. this time they come up with a free rajcomics a day in
this summer time.there are many comics waiting for you to be download.To read these free ecomics you have to follow some steps.these are here:

  1. Download the eComics in a folder on your computer. Remember the location you saved them in. Do not rename the downloaded file.
  2. Install the free eComicsReader application by clicking here. You must use Internet Explorer for this.
  3. Run the eComicsReader application and go to Options Menu. Select the various folders locations.
  4. Then go to Activation Menu and select the downloaded eComics that you would like to activate.
  5. Enter your Raj Comics website account information and click Activate. You must be connected to internet during this step as the activation is performed online. Activation is needed only once for each eComics. Once activated you may close your internet connection and read the eComics offline.

    here is the download page


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