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TTpod Music player english for s40 with sign version

The new TTpod music player is one of the most useful and attractive music player you can find in jar app. And it is now sign with the popular certificate like thawte so now you dont have to worry about annoying read write permissions. It has the following advantages

    * Perfect full-screen touch function, and specifically designed for a touch-screen cell phone skin
    * Directly from the phone to change WMA file label
    * Skin package file (*. tsk) support, allowing the skin to facilitate easy installation
    * Safe and strong compatibility mode (need to manually open), so that the path does not support the Chinese mobile phone completely normal play songs
    * Optimize network connectivity
    * List of randomly ordered directly from the song list to delete song files
    * Mute shortcut
    * Cool visual effects
    * Single lyrics display
    * Plug-in font support
    * Optimization of album art display, taking up less memory
    * Enhance the stability, bug fixes

#note sign version when install first in other language so then just go to setting then language after that select english as a language.. you can download other non sign version to compare menu.



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