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Raise your Internet speed by 15-20%

Raise your Internet speed by 15-20%

Needed things:
- Windows XP SP2 (from RC2 upwards) or Windows 2003 Server SP1 beta
- patcher
- a small amount of time

What's been done:
To say it easy: the before 10 half-open connections are beeing increased to 50 (can be changed during runtime and with the parameter /L) and the CRC is been corrected. And that's it!

The method described here, should only be used by users, who know how to handle all the described. With the download of the here published program the user know, that changes are made on third party files. For damages in every kind I cannot be hold responsible for. Indeed, tests worked fine here. However, nothing is impossible.
Info: When error occurs, the patcher can change the TCPIP.SYS back to the original!

Just download the patcher and execute it. It will automatically find the windows directory and ask, if it should increase/decrease. For higher values, please check the help with parameter /?.
After a successful patch, the new TCPIP.SYS will be automatically installed. After that, the computer should be restarted.

download: 5Mb


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