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RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)

RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)

RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI) | 200 Mb

RT Se7en Lite - a new development from the Rockers Team. With this application you can customize your operating system Windows 7, add wallpaper, icons, themes, integrate updates, drivers, remove components, to create a bootable ISO, etc.
System requirements:
• Minimum 1 GB of RAM for 32-bit and 2 GB of RAM for 64-bit OS
• 20GB of free disk space
• Dual-Core processor with 64-bit extensions
• Enable the Virtualization Technology (ready for testing distributions in the virtual environment)
• Integrated or external graphics card with the amount of video memory from 256 MB

Specific requirements: the presence in the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7, Microsoft. NET Framework 3.5, Adobe Flash Player ActiveX, VMware Workstation 7.0 and Virtual PC (for testing in a virtual environment)

Provides the ability to integrate drivers and service packs, as well as additional software (using silent install), delete individual components, change system settings and configuration services, prepare the scripts are automatically installed, include additional design themes, backgrounds, wallpapers, welcome screen, etc., create boot images and record them on different carriers.

This is an analogue of his fellow nLite for Windows XP and vLite for Windows Vista. It supports both 32 and 64-bit Windows 7. Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 is not supported.

Supported languages: English, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Danish, Hebrew, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, German, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Japanese.

With RT Se7en Lite can do with Windows 7
* Integration
* Removing Components
* Tweaks
* Automatic installation
* Create bootable ISO or DVD

INTEGRATION: you can integrate Windows Update 7, as security updates, fixes the integration of the drivers, the integration of language packs, and integration of 3rd Party applications.

You can remove all unwanted components from Windows 7, as the drivers, services, language packs, Windows applications and other functions.

Disable or configure system services, enable or disable the registry settings, open the settings panel and other components.

Creating an unattended installation (Integrating the product key, change the interface language, time zone more automatic activation, Currency, OEM Add information, change the type of network, change the type of update, enable or disable the update option, Enable or disable Windows Live, Skip agreement EULA, skip OOBE to create a user, enable or disable the firewall, scan, screen resolution, turn off Windows Defender, etc.)

Configure Windows to edit and add to your desktop background, add a sidebar gadget Additions splash screen change the logon screen, add documents, change icons (presets), Add-samples of music, add wallpapers, OEM Add a logo, enable or disable the Welcome Center, to enable or disable Uxtheme Patch, change the color of window frame, set your favorite gadgets by default, etc.

Creating bootable ISO, DVD and USB:
Creating a boot image ISO, Burn Image, Split Image, export images, CD-Label, bootable USB, etc.

2.Double Click To Install RT Seven Lite

Kontorolnye amounts:
MD5: 09a2f74b5ca9ea5a1a38441801f2758f
SHA1: db0fc692a140bc97379306a99b3073fae49d1c77

RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)
RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)RT Seven Lite - Beta build 1.02 (2010/MULTI)

OS: Windows 7
Language: multi
License: Freeware
Size: 200 Mb



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