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Widgets coming to the BOLT Mobile Browser 1.7

Bitstream Inc. today announced that the forthcoming version of its BOLT™ mobile browser will include the ability to run Web applications, commonly referred to as “widgets.”  Since BOLT is a Web browser that works on mobile phones of all types, the addition of Web apps will give BOLT users increased functionality on their mobile phones. The new BOLT Widgets capability will be introduced in beta as part of the forthcoming 1.7 version of BOLT, to be released to the public at Mobile World Congress on February 15, 2010. Although BOLT already runs website-based applications written in Ajax, Javascript and other Web programming languages, such as the popular Facebook game Mafia Wars and Google Docs, the new Web apps will be installed directly within BOLT and thus will load and execute even faster.  BOLT users will be
able to discover, select and install specific applications through the BOLT Widget Gallery.  BOLT will display an iconic list of all installed apps, allowing users to quickly find and use them directly within BOLT.
“As many of the recent mobile and wireless trade shows have demonstrated, mobile applications are part of the mainstream mobile experience,” said Sampo Kaasila, vice president of research and development at Bitstream.  “However, the vast majority of phones in use today are ‘feature phones’ not smartphones.  Unfortunately for the users of these billions of feature phones, it isn’t easy to find, install and run mobile applications.  By adding Web apps to BOLT, Bitstream is not only improving the usability of our mobile browser, we are also making it possible for literally billions of people to partake in the mobile apps revolution.”
BOLT is a server-assisted browser that has been shown to have the most accurate page rendering of any mobile browser in its class, receiving a perfect 100 percent in the Acid3 page rendering test.  Using this same cloud computing technology to support Web applications allows BOLT to offer increased functionality to the broad spectrum of devices BOLT already runs on, even the most basic mobile phones.
At its launch, Bitstream will have an initial set of sample applications available in its Beta Widget Gallery. BOLT Web applications are written as standard W3C widgets , a standard with broad industry support. 

Bitstream will be showcasing its new version of BOLT to OEMs and Carriers at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 15 to February 18 in booth number 1A70.

About BOLT:
BOLT is compatible with the majority of the world’s 4 billion mobile phones and is built on a WebKit architecture that offers the most accurate desktop-style page rendering of any mobile browser.  BOLT’s PC-level Web support, patented split-screen viewing mode, intuitive keystroke shortcuts and copy/paste functionality offer a user-friendly, feature-rich mobile browsing experience on even entry-level mobile phones.

About Bitstream:
Bitstream Inc. develops software technologies and applications for the graphic art and mobile communications industries. Bitstream’s award-winning fonts and font technologies enable device manufacturers and application developers to render the highest quality text in any language, on any device, at any resolution. The company’s MyFonts brand is the world’s leading provider of fonts to consumers. Bitstream’s Pageflex brand enables marketers to easily produce customized communications in print, email, and online. The company’s latest offering is the BOLT mobile browser, which has been installed by millions of users worldwide since its release in February 2009.  For more information visit


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