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Get Chrome Style Suggestions in IE & Firefox

One of the best features in Google Chrome is the intelligent address bar that also works a search box.
You can just type some words and Chrome will automatically suggest you a list websites that are relevant to your search query. If the site you are looking for is in that list, you can open it directly bypassing the Google search results page.

Search Suggestions in IE and Firefox

The more recent versions of Firefox and Internet Explorer too can offer search query suggestions but, unlike Chrome, they do not suggest matching website URLs.
For instance, if you type [bbc news] in the search box of Firefox (or IE), the add-in of Google or Bill will suggest you related queries like [bbc world news] but not the matching websites (unless the site is in your browser’s history).

Enter Inquisitor – this is a free search add-in from Yahoo that brings Chrome style search suggestions to other browsers including Firefox and Internet Explorer.
Once you have set Inquisitor as the default search provide, it will offer your three types of search suggestions in the same drop-down. You’ll get a list of related search queries, a list of related web pages from your browser’s web history and, most important, direct links to the top three websites that match your search query (thus saving you a trip to the search engine).
Inquisitor is from Yahoo and therefore works best when you use Yahoo! as the default search engine but it works pretty well with Google as well.


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