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Surf the Internet Anonymously With Ixquick

Metasearch engine Ixquick and its U.S. brand, have released a new proxy service that allows users to surf the web with complete privacy.

The proxy lets users browse websites safely and anonymously, without passing on any private, personally identifiable information to the websites they view.

The Ixquick proxy is a free service that works in conjunction with the Ixquick search engine, available at When users perform a search, they will find a clickable "proxy" option below each search result. When this option is selected, Ixquick acts as an intermediary to retrieve the page and display it in a privacy-protected Ixquick window.

The proxy offers anonymity, since the user never makes direct contact with the third-party website. The user's IP address is invisible to the viewed website. In addition, the website cannot see or place cookies on the user's browser.

Ixquick does not record IP addresses, make a record of users' searches, or record details about proxy usage. The company's data collection practices are third-party certified with the “European Privacy seal”.

The proxy service is being launched today, January 28th, to celebrate international Data Privacy Day.


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