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Bolt Browser 1.6 released + modded handler

the new are as follows:

BOLT includes a host of new features and bug fixes designed to improve usability and stability, including:

  • - Password Manager that saves username and password for faster login
  • - BlackBerry Launcher for BlackBerry devices having BlackBerry OS version 4.3 and above that sets  BOLT as the default   browser for opening links in plain-text emails and SMS/MMS
  • - 100% Acid3 compliant
  • - Enhanced socket support
  • - Online Web Demo for hands-on BOLT experience
  • - Better memory handling for low-end mobile devices
  • - Compressed fonts that enable optimal space handling
  • - Enhanced User Interface with one-to-one correspondence between magnification levels and system drawn text in softkeys, menus, and dialogs.
  • - Display of user folders by their names
download original 
download handler version


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