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Ucweb v7.0 editable proxy +free with airtel and rim networks

ucweb beta with the editable proxy by handler

1. UI interface optimization, new start LOGO
2. "C" key to close the Download Manager window
3. Refresh the page memory of the cursor position
4. Download manager Add all started, all pause menu item
5. The new smart site matching switch, touch-screen cell phone is off by default
6. The new WEB pages automatically recognize phone numbers feature, providing call services to.
Function Optimization
1. WEB network optimization
2. Wap2.0 page layout optimization
3. Memory utilization efficiency optimization
4. Add a bookmark to save the default directory is the current directory
5. Downloaded the task to record only 50 of records, exceeding the download will delete the oldest record of
6. Page image pre-loaded display optimization
Fix the problem
1. Some China-made mobile phones Samsung mobile phones and even the failures during use by function
2. There is no shortcut to set horizontal screen switch
3. Some of the background lights NOKIA mobile phone can not re-open after the entry into force
4. Frequent click on the link led to abnormal progress bar drawing
5. More than three-layer directory structure is to catalog the move operation causes the program to die card
6. URL input box duplicate addresses
7. Networking, check click Cancel causes the program to deadlock
8. Flying Library WAP stands WAP compressed transfer the case to open can not login account
9. Starting from mobile stacks can not automatically log on
10. Mobile phone network community posts Tencent copied to the clipboard after the blank

for use it free use as front query in airtel and back query in rim network

      editable proxy ucweb
download here


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