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Top 10 tips on how to make Windows XP startup and run faster!

Below are tips you can use to make your windows XP startup run faster!

1. Use this tweak to make it boot faster :
*Make sure that no application is opened. If there is any then save your work and close it.
*After everything is closed.Do the step below.
*Click “Start” and now click “Run”.
*Now in the “Open:” field enter “msconfig” and after that click “OK”.Doing this will launch System Configuration Utility.
*After that click “Startup” tab in the window.Now you can see the list of the applications that load on startup/boot.
*Now uncheck those applications which you don’t want to load on startup/boot.And click “OK”.(Remember : Don’t uncheck necessary applications otherwise the computer might not work properly and there can be problems!)
*Now restart your computer. You will see that Windows XP will load faster on startup!

2. When installing any application don’t select “Run on startup” or something similar if it is not necessary to open the application every startup.This will make the loading faster.

3. Also don’t select “Add to startup folder” when installing applications(only select it if it is really necessary).This makes the loading faster.

4. Run “Disk Cleanup” ever day.To open disk cleanup follow these steps :
*Click “Start” -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Cleanup
*Now select the drive you want to cleanup.Example - Disk1_Vol1 (C.
*Now click “OK”.
*Now select the things you want to cleanup .Example : Offline Web Pages, Temporary Files, Recycle Bin, etc.This will free up a lot of disk space and increase the startup speed too!

5. Also run “Disk Defragmenter” every once or twice a week. This will free up disk space and your computers performance will be better and faster! To Run Disk Defragmenter do the following steps :
*Click “Start” -> Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools -> Disk Defragmenter
*Now select the drive you want to defragment.Example - Disk1_Vol1 (C.
*Now click “OK”. Disk Defragmenting will start and just leave your computer and don’t run anything or defragmenting will slow down or it will keep restarting the defragmenting. So it’s better to leave your computer and do nothing on it and let Disk Defragmenter run!

6. Add more RAM to your computer.It will help to increase your computers speed!

7. Make sure that the software you are downloading is safe and spyware free. Always read user reviews to know better about the application. I recommend to use to download applications and other stuff.

8. Run Spyware and Adware removers on daily basis. These will check for any spywares, adwares or malicious stuff. Malicious programs, spywares and adwares slow down loading time and your windows startup will also slow down. So you should use anti-spywares. Most popular and top rated spyware remover is Spyware Doctor.

9. Don’t download illegal, warez, porn, etc. stuff to your computer! This often comes with virus and malicious programs. So use the best anti-virus.And if possible try to buy top rated Anti-virus.Best free anti-virus is AVG and paid anti-virus is Kaspersky .(I hope the spelling of “Kaspersky” is Anti-virus will make your windows load faster! Normally anti-viruses slow your computer but not much and after removing virus your computer will work faster!

10. To make your Windows XP boot faster do the following steps :
*Go to Start -> Run.
*Now type “regedit” and click “OK”.
*Now locate the following key in the registry :
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Contro l\SessionManager\MemoryManagement\PrefetchParamete rs
*Before exporting them to .reg file make sure to backup the keys.
*On the EnablePrefetcher value, change the setting from 3 to 5 (decimal).
*Now close the registry editor.
*And now restart your computer. Enjoy fast boot speed!


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