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Shock Your Friends By Your Yahoo ID

Do you like to shock your friends by sending message from a strange Yahoo ID? By this tutorial you can send message from any Yahoo IDs you like.
This may work on other messenger too.

OK,let's start.
First you have to download WPE Editor.

Now log in to your Yahoo ID and run WPE.
Then choose YahooMessenger.exe from Target program.

Now open a message window to someone that you want to send a message from a illegal Yahoo ID.(Here i send to myself for test)
Now press start logging button and send a message to the person and after click stop logging.

a log will be showed.Search for your message in there.Find it in Send functions.

Also you can see your Yahoo ID in third line.Count from first of line and see where it starts.
For example in that line i have: 5..s4lix3m..97..
Then my ID starts from 4th character to 10th character.Remember this and go to next step.[Sorry my English is not well and i couldn't explain more!]
Now you have to find the Hex code of your ID.You can use this website to convert your texts to hex codes: Code:
Save your Yahoo ID hex code in somewhere and now choose the ID that you want to PM with it.But you have to choose and ID with same character counts as your Yahoo ID.
For example my ID has 6 characters and i have to choose a 6 characteristic ID.Here i want to choose this: X-----
Now convert this ID to hex.Don't use any spaces for the ID.
You see filters at left side.Check a filter and click on Edit button.
Enter your ID's hex code at Search hex boxes.From 004 to 010.This is my character counts.Yours may be different.And enter the ID hex of ID that you want to PM with it under it.
Now click apply.

Now it's the interesting time!
Click on Enable button and send a PM to yourself or the person you choosed and see what happens!



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