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MyPhoneExplorer 1.7.4 released

The myphone explorer is the one of the best file explorer for sony ericsson phones..By this users can save sms upload/download files to their phones, save contact in their computer,can backup whole phone data with a single click etc. They have released the new version of myphone explorer recently with the following changes over previous version.
  • Join contacts - select 2-5 contacts and then its placed in the contextmenu
  • JAVA-Browser: Run, Terminate and Delete installed apps on the phone with MyPhoneExplorer
  • some adaptions for Windows 7
  • many bugfixes and smaller changes

 other useful advantages are:
  • Access to contactpictures on new phones
  • Full SyncML-Support for all supported phones
  • Fixed "Summertime-Problem" in Organizer
  • Various adaptions for Windows Vista (f.e. Aero-Frames)
  • MyPhoneExplorer can be launched throught the Autoplay-Dialog (only Windows-Vista)
  • FotoSync: Possiblity to rotate photos automatically (optional, works only if the phone has a motion-sensor)
  • new features in "Control phone": dynamic Menudisplay and Screenshot-Utility
  • Weekview for organizer
  • Filter for contacts and organizer
  • Instant preview for photos (optional)
  • Contact sync with Google (GMail)
  • Sidebar-Gadget for Vista (handle calls and write SMS through the Gadget)
  • optional file encryption: safer and faster
  • read/write access to notes on the phone
  • SMS-Chat feature
  • universal filesync with filter options
  • it's possible to create a backup also if the phone is not connected (Offline backup)
  • new feature in the window "Control phone": Textinputmode - type text on your phone with the PC-Keyboard
  • Notes-Sync with Outlook
  • Notes export and -import
download it from here


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