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mGuard:Theft Recovery Solution for Java Phones

mGuard is a anti theft software for java enable mobile phones. It provides protection and safety from theft or losing your device and helps to retrieve it back. Now the users can forget the fear of losing their device by protecting it using mGuard java Software. As of now, mGuard is the world’s only Theft Recovery Software for Java phones. This software is specailly design for Sony Ericsson phones but you can try it on any java enable mobile phones. 

star features of this product
Worlds First Theft Recovery Solution for Java Phones
SMS notification on SIM Change to predefined number
Does not affect mobile performance in normal operation
Complete Stealth operations
Tiny installation footprint
Easy Configuration
Settings Password Protected

star screenshots which explains more

You can download free mGuard software to your PC and then transfer it to your phone. To download click here: Download mGuard antitheft
You have to fill a little form and it send a link to download mGuard on your mail id. Then register to get a free unlock code for mGuard. This is also send to your mail id.


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