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LyricShow Player V0.8.5 for SonyEricsson

LyricShow PLayer can play subtitle files with your music files. and have a e book reader.

What is new on V085

1, add Full Screen to show Lyrics. Old outer Skin files need update to provide full screen panel.
2, supports LRD format. LRD (Lyric Database) is a set of LRC, and can be created by PC tool - LRD Maker.
3, max size of one playlist is up to 500.
4, each ebook has its max 32 user-define bookmarks.
5, add function "Screen Saver", you can setup start time at Settings. Cancel checkbox "White Background" means use Black Background.
6, function "Key Lock/Unlock" changed to "Long Press #". you can also lock key at ebook interface. Midlet can remember last path at File Browser.
7, add function to call for internal Web/Wap Browser.
8, supports label "offset" at lyrics file (.lrc). Can change font of lyrics. A few of keys function has been changed. (see "Help")
9, It is more quick and comfortable in menu operation than before versions. (Hope it is)


1, You can choose Language at your first use, English or Chinese. Can change it again in Settings. (Left Soft Key->6->3).
2, Midlet will create necessary folders at your first use. You can create them again in menu "Create Syspath" of Settings.
9, Some of keys function has been changed, please see "Help".
9, If want to use function Full Screen Lyrics, you should choose "Screen->Full Screen Lyrics" first, and then press Right Soft Key to swicth Full Screen Lyrics and Playlist.

Help document of LyricShow Player V0.8.5

LyricShow Player V0.8.5 2007.05.02
English Edition Translator: ElecFerrari, YANZI7503

LyricShow Player, is a lyrics synchronous music player, shows you the lyrics when playing music, and supports vary forms such as mid/wma/amr/wav/mp3/aac/3gp and mp4. Besides, you can read E-books when listening.
This is General-Version suits for mobilephone , which is MIDP2.0 and supports JSR-75.

*Keys of MPlayer

Left soft key: Main menu
Right soft key: Exchange playlists and lyrics
5(short press): Play/Pause/Continue
5(long press): Replay current music
4(short press): Choose the previous music
4(long press): Play the previous music
6(short press): Choose the next music
6(long press): Play the next music
2: Volume up
8: Volume down
1: Local time, music time and progress rate
3: previous page of playlist
7: Stop
9: To my stuff to add media
*: Mute
#(short press): Next page of playlist
#(long press): Keys Lock/Unlock
0: Change play modes(in playlist), change max measure(in video play)
0(long press): Change to default skins
*+#: Illumination On/Off
Return key: Send SMS
C key: Reverse screen
Side keys: Volume control
When playing videos, press Stick Up to skip forward, Stick Down to skip backward. In other case, Stick Key has same function with 2/4/6/8/5.
When playing videos, Right Soft Key to exchange playlists and video-show.

*Keys of EReader

Left soft key: Main menu
Right soft key: Turn to appointed page
5: Play/Pause/Continue
4: Previous Page
6: Next Page
2: Previous line
8: Next line
1: Time, Page, Filename, Progress info
3: Auto Scroll
7: Stop
9: To my stuff to open books
*: Mute
#(short press): Next Letter
#(long press): Keys Lock/Unlock
0: Change background colors
Return key: Send SMS
C key: Reverse screen
Side keys: Next/Previous pages
*+2: Volume up
*+3: Change fonts
*+4: Previous music
*+6: Next music
*+8: Volume down
*+#: Illumination on/off
Stick Key Up/Left to Previous page and Down/Right to Next page, Stick Key Center to show main menu.

*Player & Lyrics

(1)This application starts from music player, press 9 to browse files. If you meet the security enquire, please choose "for session" (Allow). When listening music, you can use left soft key to show MainMenu and do something else, for example, read ebooks.
(2)In music player, press 5 to play, 7 to stop. If the music has its lyric, press right soft key to exchange lyric and playlist. Attention, the lyric file (*.lrc) must be the same filename with its music, for example "abc.mp3" & "abc.lrc". Lyric file can be put in the same direction with its music or put into folder Other/lyricshow/lyrics/.
(3)Character set of lyric file (*.lrc) should be ANSI(GB2312), Unicode or UTF-8.
(4)You can create lyric file (*.lrc) for your favorite music by yourself, or download it from some website, for example, lrcDB | Welcome! . Supports lrc flags "ti" (or "title"), "ar" (or "artist") and "offset".
(5)Supports LRD format. LRD is a package of lyric files. You can use LRD Maker to put all lyric files of a playlist into one LRD file (*.lrd). LRD file should be named same with its playlist, and put into Other/lyricshow/lyrics/.
(6)If you cancel all available paths of lrc and lrd in Sttings, no lyrics will be loaded when music start.

*EBook Reader

(1)Press 9 to open ebooks (txt e.g.), and left soft key to show main menu. Press Green key while reading ebooks, you can send the text to other as SMS.
(2)This version do NOT supports Zip compress files.
(3)Character Set of ebook files should be ANSI(GB2312), Unicode(Suggest) or UTF-8. Calculates 256 bytes for one page.
(4)You can add max 32 user define bookmarks for each book. Bookmark file will be saved automatically into folder Other/lyricshow/bookmarks/.

*Playlists & Skins

You can manage your playlists and the max size of each playlist is 500.
Playlists will be saved automatically into folder Other/lyricshow/playlists/.

There are two default skins to choose from. Allow to add skin files, save to Other/lyricshow/skins/, the application would get the information from file system when start.
This version supports Full Screen to show lyrics, but it need new skins which provide full screen interface.
Choose "Skin" in color settings means using a color which defined in skin configuration.


(1)Language: after select a new language, restart application to become effective.
(2)Time: in order to show you the local time, please select your time zone, such as China in "+8"
(3)Auto Screen Saver: should setup start time in "Settings".
(4)Auto Scroll of EReader: please setup speed of Auto Scroll also in "Settings".
(5)Auto Exit: in MPlayer or EReader, application auto exit if there is no operation in appointed time.
All settings become effective except language, and auto save any settings.

*More Info

(1)This application can only play the music formats that your mobile phone supports.
(2)After screen reversed, the function of 2/4/6/8 and stick key will be changed.
(3)All folders mentioned above will be created at your first use time. If they are deleted carelessly, you may create it by yourself, or go to "Settings" to create them again.
(4)Please make sure Web/Wap settings of mobile phone is correct before call for internal Web/Wap Browser.




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