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Earn money using mobile and send free sms

It is very simple. There are several ways you can use YouMint to your advantage, like sending free sms, Earning Money! Yes see below how it possible.
1) Send Free SMS from YouMint.
As a YouMint member, you can send Free SMS to your friends. You can send more Free SMSs to them if they are on YouMint as well! So go ahead and invite all your friends to YouMint so you can send them Free SMSs.
More Invites = More Free SMSs. The more people you have in your network the more Free SMSs you can send everyday.
2) Get Paid for Incoming SMS and Emails. You get FULL control over how many, at what time and about what!
When you sign up with us, you will start receiving relevant promotional messages based on the number of messages you specify and the time you want to receive them. Each time you receive an SMS you will get paid for it! Each time you open the YouMint Cash Mail, you get paid.
3) Get Paid for promos sent to your network on YouMint.
You can invite your friends to join YouMint and we will pay you every time they interact with a promotion too! We’re not kidding! We pay for you for your direct referrals and for your referrals’ referrals as well.
Confused? OK, here’s how it works
Here’s what YOU get each time a Promo SMS is delivered to or a YouMint Cash Email is opened by:
- YOU – Rs 0.20
- Your Referral - Rs 0.10
- Your Referrals’ Referral - Rs 0.05
So, if you have lots of friends, who have a lot of friends, you could make a lot of money each time a promotion is done. Even if we send everyone ONLY 1 promo a day, you stand to earn Rs. 666 every month. OK, OK, here’s the math again
a) 1 promo x 30 days x Rs.0.20 per promo = Rs 6
b) 1 promo x 30 days x Rs.0.10 per promo x 20 friends = Rs 60
c) 1 promo x 30 days x Rs.0.05 per promo x 400 friends (assuming each of your twenty friends successfully referred 20 friends each)= Rs.600
So, Rs 6 + Rs 60+ Rs 600 adds up to a cool Rs 666!
So basically, you make enough to at least cover your mobile bill . If you are a popular person with lots of pals, you will make lots more. Else if you are the kind who walks around with the phone permanently attached to your ear, you better start making more friends so that you can cover that bill.
4) Introduce your friends and get paid when they join and when their friends join!
To get you started with minting money on YouMint, on popular demand, we will pay you a very small amount each time someone joins your network. We will pay you Rs 0.50 each time a friend you referred signs up and Rs. 0.25 when your friend’s friend signs up.
YES! We actually pay you for getting friends signed up to this service!
This payout is only meant to get your earnings started on YouMint. This is a limited period offer only though so make the most of it while it lasts.
5) Participate in YouMint Cash Offers and mint money every time your network participates in our advertisers’ offers.
Since you have access to your network of friends and advertisers want to reach out to you and them, you are in a very powerful position! You’ve had this power for a long time and marketers have always talked about the power of Word-Of-Mouth marketing. Up until now it was not possible to reap the rewards of that power. But with YouMint, you can reap rich rewards for having access to your friends and being able to influence them if the advertisers offerings appeal to you.
SRK and Big B wield the power to influence people and they get paid by advertisers! Right!
Now, you can get paid by the advertisers too for talking about their brand and influencing your friends as a result of that. Remember, you can choose which advertiser appeals to you and if you, like SRK or Big B, will promote them for the price they offer you!
There’s more on this when you sign up on YouMint. So don’t wait no more! Thank your friend who invited you to YouMint and spread the word!
Lets Start now and click here to join:


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