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UCWEB 7 Java English

Hi friends this is the latest ucweb 7 beta 1 version translated in english. this version contains the following advantages over the previous versions.

New Features:
1. In the night mode, change the color of the empty boxes, and more gentle.
2. The system has increased by setting Enter the URL of intelligent address input.
3. More changes to further improve the speed of their own to be discovered.
4. Copy the page can be edited and then saved.

Main optimization of private beta changes:
1. color: the title bar brightness increase, title bar buttons below (home page, bookmarks, etc.) is slightly dimmed, and add a texture.
2. by adding the window pop-up animation, for example, just pop-up window.
3. enter the URL bar pop-up position in the top of the independent, intelligent web site adaptation functions, the final version will be optimized.
4. open the Web page speed optimization Web page for the WWW more pictures to the text of priority.Web page download speed improved significantly.

if you are new to ucweb browser then you must use this browser atleast once since it contains various advantages over other java browsers.
Main advantages:

  1. Tab browsing (you can open upto 8 9 tabs without problems).
  2. Download manager( one of the best download manager, you can download large files with variable blocks).
  3. Bookmark backup in ucweb server.
  4. RSS feeds .
  5. Multiple themes.
  6. Shortcut customization for keys and many more.
download here


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