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Death Note episode 1 english

Light Yagami is a 17-year old kid who's top in his class yet has a pretty normal life aside from his incessant studying. One day his eyes fall over a notebook laying on the ground outside of his school. Reading the English cover, "Death Note," and noticing that the writing inside is also in English, Light decides to take it home to read it. Within the next 5 days, Light has already killed many just by watching and recording names of criminals from the news. The Death Note enables him to kill anyone whose face and real name is known. To know more about the rules of the notebook read the terms of the Death Note. Picking up the notebook once more, a monstrous creature appears and speaks to Light, introducing himself as a Shinigami (God of Death) named Ryuk. Ryuk tells Light that only the owner of the Death Note can see him and that he, Light, is now the owner of it and may use it as he chooses. If Light does not want to keep the notebook, he may give it to someone else and Ryuk will erase all related memories from his mind. The notebook bonds both Light and Ryuk, but any mental pain will be delivered to Light alone. He then decides that no matter what it takes, no matter who gets involved, Light will cleanse the world of evil criminals. Although Light is doing a pretty good job gathering up bad guys, when he is interrupted by a top detective by the label "L."

Who is L? And who is the real antagonist?



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